The Rival Advantage

Rival is a digital marketing agency, a video production company and an online publisher - all in one. Our expertise, passion and nimble work ethic will bring results for your business.

  • Website Design & Development


    With all the running around companies are doing to keep up with social media, we have found that many brands are neglecting their website, still the primary and often initial contact a consumer has with a brand. We are here to remind you how important your website is and to work with you on creating a nimble destination that enables you to continually engage your audience, update your content, and provide easy access to what they need regardless of what device they are using. For case studies, click here.

  • Digital Marketing & Social Media

    Digital Marketing

    "Look at me! Look at me!" Brands are constantly vying for the valuable attention of consumers so it's imperative to use your opportunities to reach them wisely. We thrive on helping you develop simple, benefits-oriented messages and translate them into creative campaigns, blogs and social media strategies that convince consumers to act - Like, bookmark, comment, post, sign-up, buy, book or simply learn more. To see our work in action, click here.

  • Video


    Our in-house video team has created over 2,000 high quality food-related videos on location, in studios and very soon, we will be producing them in our own on-site kitchen studio. Ranging from cooking segments with celebrity chefs to home cooks, farm field trips to events, we have covered it all and would love to partner with you on a project that would educate, entertain and engage your audience. Please enjoy our video portfolio.

  • Brand Identity


    Yes, we are a digital agency but yes, that is often the time when companies are looking for a new brand or to change their existing brand. We enjoy helping clients develop their brand from positioning through to mood boards, collateral, website and style guides to ensure all parties associated with your brand keep its integrity.

  • Content Development

    Content Development

    It's no longer enough to offer a great product or service. Customers want more - recipes, videos, point of view via a blog or articles, games, etc.. Something more that will help them remember you and consider your brand next time they are going to make a purchase, eat at your restaurant, book your hotel, etc. Let us help you create memorable experiences with compelling content. Or for a turnkey solution, license content content from our library of over 2,000 videos & recipes.

  • Photography


    Whether you need an aspirational "beauty shot" to accompany a recipe or cooking video or you need a mouth-watering shot of the dishes on your menu, we can capture the jaw-dropping, Pinterest-worthy shot you need. Au natural, neatly styled, on location, in a studio, however you like it. We also excel at people shots and the beautiful outdoors like farms and ocean vistas. We now have a library of over 40,000 photographs. Check out some of our favorites.