Food is Our
Sweet Spot.

We're Digital Food Experts

Eat. Drink. Sleep. Food. That's what we do. We think you'd be hard-pressed to find an agency with the depth of experience and passion we have for bringing food brands to life in the digital space. From creating websites, advertising, brands, games and social media strategy to creating original cooking videos, recipes. photos, even food styling. Heck we even created a second company dedicated to teaching people how to cook (shameless plug for how2heroes). We have done (and eaten) it all. And that's why we all have gym memberships. If you are a food-related brand (product, supermarket, restaurant, hotel, etc) looking for a digital team to partner with who knows your space, you've come to the right place.

Our Story

Eating is our occupational hazard but we're willing to take one for the team.

Rival was founded in 2004 by Lynne Viera, a digital maven who honed her creative chops working at large agencies with a variety of clients including American Express, LL Bean AT&T, National Geograghic Chanel and HBO. A desire to help clients gain an edge on their rivals and a passion for the nimble nature of digital marketing led Lynne to start her own agency with a little client called AOL. Over time, Lynne's personal passion for food has weaved its way into a client list and now food is the agency's sweet spot. "Eating is our occupational hazard but we're willing to take one for the team." Rival's fantastic team are digital experts who excel in strategy, design, development, video, writing and recipe development.